I am Malcolm Baker and the Group Scout Leader for 1st Coddington Scout Group. I took over as Group Scout Leader in 2009 when the position became vacant.

I grew up with Scouting, beginning with Cubs in 1969 at the 18th St Albans and then Scouts two years later. I joined Venture Scouts but decided to concentrate on Assisting with the Cub Pack.

When I joined the Cubs my father started helping with the group but was adamant that he would not wear a uniform, so he became group Quatermaster.

He stayed with the group long after I moved away only stopping due to ill health.

When I changed my job I moved out of the area and left Scouting.

After an absense of 25 years I started helping again when my daughter announced she wanted to join Cubs . I was quickly placed in the position where the leader saw help coming and chose to exit. So I stepped up and with some assistance from the GSL took over the Cub pack here at Coddington.

When the Group Scout Leader left I started looking after the group as well as the Cub Pack. One of my assistants saw how much I was trying to do and as he was planning meetings while I was away he took over the pack allowing me to concentrate on running the group.

The Group has grown and stabilised, we are fund raising again to cover our operating costs while trying to keep the membership fees down. We had to increase the fees recently following the gradual increase in general service bills. Our Scouts are doing more and more activities and finding that they are running short of funds for the section. To give the section the funds that they need we will be discussing an increase of the membership fee for Scouts.

Our Beaver colony is at 24, Cubs are at around 20 and Scouts are at 20.

My job takes me abroad on a regular basis but I am able to keep in touch with the assistance of modern technology.

Scouting is growing again and I can see expansion in the future for our group here.

Fund Raising for the Group

Our fund raising is doing well, Our textile collection is doing well exceeding 200 per year. If you have any old textiles you would like to donate, please let us know

I would like to see more involvement with the 200 Club monthly draw. This is an important part of our fund raising and would benefit from more involvement from the parents.

During the year we are holding Quiz Nights Quiz Nights which, so far, have been well attended.

Having now completed the repairs to the paths either side of the building we will start concentrating on the inside of the building, begining with the electrics.

Our bank balance is looking better and we are now in a position to start replacing some of the old equipment.