Adults in Scouting

Adults/Parents are an essential part of the leadership team in any of our sections.

There are many reason why the young people like to see thier parents helping out. They can show off new things they have learnt, they can see that thier parents are taking an interest in what they are doing and enjoying themselves.

GSL writes:
"I had a parent say to me 'They wanted Scouting to be something thier child did without them'. I know when I was a Cub I was pleased to be doing something where my dad was involved.

I am proud to be able to say that I had a part in the achievments of the young people within the Scout Group. Whether it is a Beaver making his first tower with spaghetti and marshmallows or a Scout making a brdge to span a river from rope and poles"

We need parents to agree to help out once a month, this will give us a good leadership base which will move through the group. As they go they will have fun themselves and learn new skills. They will be able to add new things to their CV which will help in general life.

As long as each section has one committed leader, then things can be run with a good rota of parents. You will find some parents will want to help out more and may even commit to a different role.

Interested in helping

As a registered charity involved with young children we have to protect the interests of our members. I know the interested adult may be a parent and or a registered child minder, we still have our procedures to follow. These procedures protect everybody and show that we are doing everything properly.

To help out occasionally just speak to the leader and put your name down on the rota and come along. However in order to be able to take a group of young people without the leader being there we have to follow our procedures and complete the required checks.

The best place to start is as an Occasional Helper. This would be the position for an adult who could help out once a month and was not sure about further commitment.

If an adult wanted to come along a little more regularly just to help out, they could take up a role as a Section Assistant. There are a few more benefits to this position and 2 simple training modules to complete. The adult would join as either a full member or as an assoiciate member of the Scout Association.

Occasionally we are looking for someone to put together the program or assist with the planning. This person would take a role of Leader or Assistant Leader and become a full member of the Scout Association. There is a requirement to this role of completing the traning program within a given time frame. The training is not difficult and can be easily completed as the adult perfoms the role. The training identifies skill sets which are easy to learn and develop.

On completion of the training the adult is awarded the Wood Badge which is an industry recognised youth leadership award and can lead to Open Colledge qualifications.

Where is the information

All of the information is held on the official Scout Web Site, This is the best place to go as any updates will be available there.

On the Links page of our web site is a short cut which will take you to the correct place for you to start.

The link to Training takes you to the page where you can download the 'Adult Personal File'.

The link to Training Modules takes you to the page where you can access the online requirements.

The training is not difficult. You just need to show that you have developed the skills required for the module.

This can also be done by 'Witness Statement' and/or 'Prior Learning' if you can show previous experience.

For example: someone who has complete the Guide movement leadership training would have completed some of the requirements for the Wood Badge.