200 Club - Group Lottery

The 1st Coddington Scout Group 200 Club is a fund raising scheme for the Scout Group, the money raised will be used for essential maintenance of the Scout Hall.

It is an opportunity for you to contribute to the Group and, at the same time, enter a monthly cash draw.

The annual contribution is 10 and covers a 12 month period from when you sign up. Each contributor is given a unique number, which is entered into a monthly draw.
Three numbers are drawn at regular meetings. A minimum of 50% of contributions will be distributed in prize money.

First prize is 15, Second prize is 10, Third prize is 5.

This is your opportunity to help the Scout Group, especially, if you are not able to attend the other fund raising events during the year.

To become a 200 Club member, please fill in the form which can be downloaded from the 'Forms' page of this site and return it to our Fund Raising Co-ordinator.

Please remember, we do rely on your continuing, valuable support to keep our very successful group going.

What has the money been used for???

Over the last few years the money raised from the 200 Club has been used to replace the Heating Boilers and carry out essential repairs to our building. We have also purchased new tables, benches and blinds for the hall with some of these funds.