The executive committee exists to assist the Group Scout Leader with the running of the group. They organise fund raising activities and maintenance requirements of the premises to name a few.

There are many other activities that the committee cover, you can keep track of our Executive Committee Meetings here along with the annual accounts reports and minutes of the AGM.

We are still in need of some parents getting involved with the executive committee. In an ideal world we would have a representative parent from each section. We also need someone to coordinate group events. This would involve ensuring there is enough involvement from the parents on events like the Newark Half Marathon, Quiz nights and clear up days.

Please get in touch if you are interested.

Minutes of Committee Meetings

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Group Meeting 7th November 2011
Group Meeting 20th February 2012
Group Meeting 17th April 2012
Group Meeting 28th May 2012
Group Meeting 20th November 2012
Group Meeting 15th January 2013
Group Meeting 19th March 2013
Group Meeting 14th May 2013
Group Meeting 15th Oct 2013
Group Meeting 17th Dec 2013
Group Meeting 8th April 2014
Group Meeting 23rd Sept 2014
Group Meeting 27th Jan 2015
Group Meeting 31st March 2015
Group Meeting 28th October 2015
Group Meeting 26th January 2016
Group Meeting 17th May 2016
Group Meeting 8th Nov 2016
Group Meeting 6th March 2017

Group Accounts

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Accounts Statement for 1998
Accounts Statement for 1999
Accounts Statement for 2003
Accounts Statement for 2004
Accounts Statement for 2005
Accounts Statement for 2005
Accounts Statement for 2006
Accounts Statement for 2007
Accounts Statement for 2008
Accounts Statement for 2009
Accounts Statement for 2010
Accounts Statement for 2011
Accounts Statement for 2012
Accounts Statement for 2013
Accounts Statement for 2014
Accounts Statement for 2015
Accounts Statement for 2016

Minutes of AGM's

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AGM Minutes 30th June 2010 | GSL Report 2010
AGM Minutes 5th Sept 2011 | GSL Report 2011
AGM Minutes 17th Sept 2012 | GSL Report 2012
AGM Minutes 8th July 2013 | GSL Report 2013
AGM Minutes 12th June 2014 | GSL Report 2014
AGM Minutes 8th July 2015 | GSL Report 2015
AGM Minutes 14th July 2016 | GSL Report 2016